Campagnola Alice Power 12 - Electromechanical Olive Harvester

Campagnola has always been a symbol of reliability and innovation, continuously researching and developing useful and practical products to suit the needs of the agricultural world.

After years of trial and development, Campagnola have coupled the most efficient, hand-held methods of displacing olives with the finest and most reliable materials available to bring you the Alice electronic olive harvester. Using dual combs with varying finger combinations to suit a broad range of varieties, the Alice works by moving each comb in an precise elliptical motion, giving each individual finger it’s own range of movement. This unique reciprocating motion proves extremely effective at removing olives of numerous varieties and works especially well on unpruned trees.

As both sets of fingers move in opposing directions, the majority of vibrations normally felt by the operator are cancelled out making the Alice very easy to use for extended periods of time. At 280mm, the thermoplastic fingers will dislodge the most hard to reach olives without removing large amounts of foliage.

Technical Information

Trolley & power source.

The Alice requires the purchase of an 100-amp hour, 12-volt battery and charger for 8+ hours of working time. The Campagnola battery trolley is optional.
Autonomy: Alice = 1 full working day with an 100 amp hour, 12v battery with a consumption rate of 7 to 8 amps per hour.

Power 12 control unit and cable.

  • ON/OFF switch with LED light.
  • Dual speed control switch: 1150rpm.
  • Power supply cable at 15m.
  • A 12v brushless motor with air-cooling system.
  • Power saving feature – motor will reduce rpm when harvesting head meets no resistance from branches.
  • A total weight of 950g.

Alice Aluminium extension poles.

Both the Campagnola Alice electromechanical olive harvesters have easily interchangeable parts including fixed and telescopic extension poles:

  • R5 - Fixed extension pole 1.7m  (weight 800g).
  • R6 - Telescopic extension pole 1.5m – 2.2m (weight 1000g).
  • R6 - Telescopic extension pole 1.85m – 2.7m (weight 1300g).

Alice head unit specifications.

  •  Double rake with opposing reciprocating and rotary motion.
  • Magnesium, fibreglass and aluminium construction.
  • Speed – 1150 rpm.
  • Teeth made from durable thermoplastic resins.
  • Perfect for smaller, hard to harvest fruit and unpruned trees.
  • Weight - 1300g.